Converting SSL Certificates

Here is a quick reference to convert SSL certificate in different formats Converting PEM encoded certificate to DER #openssl x509 -outform der -in certificate.pem -out certificate.der Converting DER encoded certificate to PEM #openssl x509 -inform der -in certificate.cer -out certificate.pem Converting PEM encoded certificates to PKCS7 (P7B) #openssl crl2pkcs7 -nocrl… Read more »

Nginx – Adding backend servers and redirection

Following configuration file will reside in “/etc/nginx/config.d/”folder as described in this post Click here! This configuration will give an idea on how to listen on port 443 for SSL connections and redirect the requests to backend servers. I have also added an example to manipulate HTML contents coming form backend… Read more »

Configure self signed SSL certificate

Configure self signed SSl certificate for Apache running on CentOS 6.x # Install required packages yum install mod_ssl openssl # Generate private key openssl genrsa -out 2048 # Generate CSR openssl req -new -key -out # Generate Self Signed Key – valid for 3 years openssl x509… Read more »