Optical Transistor – a step towards quantum internet

Scientists demonstrate a technique to make quantum information sharing possible.

Photo: Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

Laser Maze: Max Planck researcher Martin Muecke oversees the optics setup for electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) laser elements

Physicists at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, led by Gerhard Rempe, have created a system based on a single atom that they’re calling a ”quantum optical transistor.” The transistor could someday serve as part of a quantum computer or as a node of a quantum data network.

”We’re doing what people in the Bell Laboratories did in the 1950s,” says Eden Figueroa, one of the physicists involved in the project. ”They were inventing the transistor, and people thought they were crazy. But 50 years later, everyone is using a laptop.” Now, he says, ”we’re inventing the quantum transistor that may be used in computers 30 years from now.”

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Source:  http://spectrum.ieee.org/semiconductors/optoelectronics/optical-transistor-is-a-step-toward-the-quantum-internet

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