Set master boot records on all software RAID disks

After creating software RAID and installing Redhat / CentOS, boot records need to be set on all participating hard drives in order it to fail safely (RAID 10 in following scenario). This is how boot records can be set for each hard disk.

#grub                          | Start grub software
#grub>                        | grub prompt
#grub>root (hd0,0)   | Select first Hard Disk
#grub>setup (hd0)    | Setup boot records
#grub>root (hd1,0)   | Select second Hard Disk
#grub>setup (hd1)    | Setup boot recoreds
#grub>root (hdx,0)   | Select any number of Hard Disk
#grub>setup (hdx)    | Setup boot recoreds
#grub>quit                 | Quit grub

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